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Thodos’ Eclectic Expressions

Reinking ‘ode’ an enhancement

Lucia Mauro on March 3, 2008

A thin veil of melancholy was figuratively draped over Thodos Dance Chicago’s weekend concert at the Athenaeum Theatre, though that’s not to say the program was maudlin or overly meditative. Appropriately titled “Inspiring Expressions,” the evening took on a vaguely introspective and eclectic aura, with some dances speaking more potently than others. Brock Clawson, who has a facility for adding weightlessness and soft curves to group formations, premiered “Nine,” a celestial abstraction with wavelike sweeps. The strength and beauty of the dancers; particularly Jessica Miller Tomlinson, Don Santarsiere, Dahlberg, Miller, Mock and Murphy; shaped the dance into a dramatic yet serene ascension.