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At The Ruth Page Center For The Arts Theater

Hedy Weiss on June 27, 2005

“We are a company of dance performers and creators, and we can only grow if we work in all areas of dance,” said Melissa Thodos. She was introducing New Dances 2005, the program of eight new works performed this weekend at the Ruth Center for the Arts. All but one of the pieces was choreographed by dancers in her company, Thodos Dance Chicago.

The showcase began with two of the best works (Hillary Murphy’s “Modus” and Angela Pawlicki’s “Restraint”), and ended with the strongest of all (Brock Clawson’s “Falling Out”).

Clawson’s “Falling Out,” set to original music by John Nevin (plus an excerpt from the “Troy” soundtrack and Cliff Martinez’s “What Shoe Size”) was a stunner. And it was danced with thrilling urgency by Hilliary Murphy (a striking blonde), Bjorn Bolinder, Jessica Miller, Trinka and Christiano. Acrobatic and daring, with high tension created by the movement of in dividuals who suddenly break from the group – as well as with some superb partnering – this is a work I look forward to seeing again.